Opening 2nd June 2019

Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

Hotel Post Bezau is surrounded by a natural paradise that has inspired the hotel’s philosophy for generations. Hoteliere Susanne Kaufmann always stayed true to her roots in the Bregenzerwald. Her commitment to local resources, both environmental and human, shape Hotel Post Bezau’s concept to the last detail. As a sought-after destination that marries innovation with sustainability, Hotel Post Bezau strives to leave its mark on people’s wellbeing and lifestyles.

Starting 2nd June 2019

Hotel Post Bezau Experience

To Susanne Kaufmann, wellbeing is an everyday lifestyle that is inextricably linked to holism; the state of being healthy and feeling comfortable. This belief determines every bespoke retreat at Hotel Post Bezau. Whether it circles around healthy eating, skin therapy, or exercise, sustainable, transformative beauty is the name of the game, guided by a team of industry experts.

This is now the right time to go beyond the eternal youth promise to a spirit of confidence and emotional heal. I want to create a mindful and inspirational place to experience a positive life and body transformation.

Susanne Kaufmann

25 years of experience

Our Philosophy

The Susanne Kaufmann Experience responds to a growing awareness for conscious living. In collaboration with her team of experts, Susanne Kaufmann helms to be a healthy Hideaway that fosters mindfulness in an authentic setting.

From a very young age I learnt to be aware of the environment and always think sus­tainably. The Bregenzerwald is our greatest asset: No matter where I am in the region, I feel its energy, determined by traditions, ag­ricultural structures and a culture that relies on sustainability, human togetherness and innovation.

Susanne Kaufmann